Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Separation anxiety sets in

When Jacob was younger, I always condition him that every morning mommy needs to go to work and will be back later. Before I go I always tell him that I love him and I’ll see him later. Of course at first, he wouldn’t cry and he will just look at me and smile. But this morning when I saw him cry because I was leaving, it makes me want to stay at home.

Being a working mom, every morning I feel really bad leaving Jacob at home. Thinking that he is spending more time without me than with me. Makes me think who between us have separation anxiety?? Is it mommy or Jacob. :)

Here are tips on dealing with separation anxiety I found in http://www.babycenter.com.ph

Tips on dealing with separation anxiety

Conditioning is a good technique to (try) practice to counter separation anxiety. You may try these conditioning strategies:
• Rehearse your leave-taking for brief periods, then gradually increase the time intervals whenever you think your baby is ready to not see you for a longer time
• Allow her some time to acclimatize first or “grow into” the caregiver you are leaving him with. Try not to leave her in the hands of someone she considers a stranger.
• If you are leaving your in a place outside your home, try bringing him to the new place a certain number of times beforehand if possible, so that he becomes accustomed to the new faces and to the new place before he is to be left there without mom or dad
• Try storytelling and storyreading as a means by which to acclimatize your child to situations and places where he may feel that she is “on her own” . For example, stories about the first day in school or stories about finding your way in the playground can be very helpful.

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