Friday, July 30, 2010

Grocery Day

mommy moments

One of our favorite thing to do as a family is to buy groceries. We do our major grocery shopping twice a month, mostly to buy Jacob's things like diapers, milk, baby wipes, soap and shampoo, etc. We always bring jacob with us and he loves to grab everything his hands gets to... hehehe... Wait till he gets older and he'll be pointing at every candy and chocolates in there. Here's one photo i captured of Jacob when we were doing the grocery.


  1. cute. when we go to supermarkets, gabbie gets her own cart so she can fill it with everything she wants. tapos patagong isosoli isa isa ng daddy nya pag paying time na. haha!

  2. shopping...weee! what a happy face :-)

  3. he is obviously having so much fun! nice post..